PoWEth ERC20

Mineable ERC20 Token

The implementation of a Keccak PoW Coin on the Ethereum network as a smart contract. Mined using Proof of Work.

PoWEth Token:

- Welcome on PoWEth Token's official website, PoWEth is mineable and fair distributed Token which is based on the Ethereum layer.

- How to mine guide: https://medium.com/@RigCraft/how-to-mine-poweth-token-da40007b706c

Token features:
Open Source:
Transparency is everything, PoWEth forked from 0xBitcoin. All of our changes and development also can be found on Github. Feel free to contribute on both project.
Fair distribution:
POWE started with a ninja start, no premine, no ICO, no DevFee. Only the mining rewards create the value. We believe Proof of Work is the best way to keep transparency and reward supporters by the time.
Ethereum blockhcain:
As an ERC20 Token POWE can be used any time until the Ethereum blockchain is up. We created a real Web 3.0 application, the POWE is truely decentralized and can resist any directed attack attemp.
Mining with responsibility:
We do Love our planet, just like everyone. We use mining only for creating the Tokens, future usage or validation driven by the Ethereum blockchain. Our token is more efficient than classic blockchains.
Network and Mining
Contract stats:

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Mining softwares:

PoWEth Miner

Mining Pools:

List your pool here!

Pool repository:

Github repo



Mainnet started, CPU miner released.
Pool mining available!

2018 Q2:

Side contracts(Virtual asset creating, Voting...) with POWE supporting.
Submission to ETH exchanges, Release GPU mining.

2018 Q3:

More exchanges, Marketing campaings and partnerships with mining companies.

After Serenity Ethereum fork:

PoWEth will continue the Proof of Work distribution on ETH network. We will bring more people under the hood!

Where you can find more: